When Fun Sneaks Away, Then Returns

Originally published August 12th, 2017 Goodness me! It has been quite a while since the last post. I've been busy with life, and have been playing a bit of FFXI here and there.

Saving up some Gil! Hey, I may not be a millionaire (yet), but I've been saving up some gil lately! :D

Aside from almost quitting it to focus on my life, I decided to try to incorporate FFXI (and video games) into my schedule healthily without sacrificing other things. Recently I've unlocked the Ninja job class after finding my way to Norg (at last)! Now that I could use the Ninja job, I had to pretty much start from square one with it: grind it up to level 50. So my journey, once again, began in Northern & Southern Gustaberg, and led me along a familiar journey that I took, not long ago, as a thief.

Fishing for Pugil in Qufim Island Well, I find myself back at Qufim Island once again! Time to slay more strange flying fish!

Giants inside the Tower We meet again Delkfutt Tower. I see you have plenty more Giants waiting for a good fight.

More recently I've been grinding in Crawler's Nest and I hated it since the area where I was camping was awfully crowded, the Crawlers themselves were tanky, and they kept linking and attacking me in duos (Can't really pull effectively). I stayed there until I got to level 40, then I left a dust trail behind me as I ran happily back to a place I know: Garlaige Citadel.

Ew... Crawler's Nest Panting “Finally... Level 40... Let's get out of here... NOW!”

Beetle Hunting Once again, I was seen bringing the Siege Bat and Borer Beetle species to nigh extinction until I finally made it to level 45. It luckily didn't take that long. Once again, the sound of my blades shall resound in this citadel (and perhaps many more times in the future. Who knows?)

Dundundundun dun dun dun dundun! Haha! Level 45 at last! Progress! ;^; (And I'm not even playing how FFXI originally was, which was far slower... but with more players to hang around with!)

Additionally, in the meanwhile, I've been gaining plenty of Sparks, a special kind of currency for those unaware, so getting new equipment wasn't too hard (and it was pretty nice to see some visual progression in terms of gear).

Sunbreeze Festival Some sort of celebration is going on in Bastok, and without a doubt in the other cities!

Fireworks! Yay! Fireworks, a nice way to end the day~

Once I attain 5 more levels, I'll be hunting down all of the Ninjutsu skills that I can learn (up to level 50, of course) via the shop and quests. After that's taken care of, I can at last be a Thief again! Hahahahahaha (This grind has honestly gotten to my head. I just hope I can resume the story soon. :< ). But anyway, my enjoyment of the game sort of dipped once I began grinding Ninja, and now it's all steadily rising up again. I'm actually pretty excited to have a functional sub-job to use for the rest of the way to level 99. But we'll see! If I change my mind, then more grind shall be my price (and more tears). But anyway, that's all for now. Thank you for reading my near-incoherent mess of thoughts and summary as to where I disappeared to. Once I've done all the grinding and preparatory work, we can resume the Bastok missions, and hopefully face the Shadowlord soon!

Fashionably Ninja Now I'm starting to look like a proper Ninja! Although it'll only be like this for a few levels, but still! It looks nice nonetheless!

But for now: until next time, farewell!