Trainin'~ Trainin'~

Originally published on July 22nd, 2017 This will probably be a shorter post. Lately, I've just been grinding in the Garlaige Citadel (again) to get to Level 50, and hilariously enough, ended up getting knocked onto my behind by a Puroboros, because it decided to self-destruct and wipe over half my party (myself included). It wasn't that big of a deal, though I found it to be pretty hilarious. Self-Destructed into Submission Darn you Puroboros and your Self-Destruct! That temporary item chest sure ain't goin' to help me now!

But anyway, I decided to stick around Garlaige Citadel grinding Siege Bats until I got around Level 50, when I stopped receiving bonuses (and experience) from the area's Grounds Tome quests, which are repeatable quests that task you with killing a number of certain monsters for more experience (and other rewards). Bats, so cute! By the way, not sure where to say this but LOOK AT THESE ADORABLE THINGS! How could I have been endlessly killing these for the past few levels! What kind of monster am I!?

So I decided to finally start training at Bostaunieux Oubliette in San d'Oria. But first, I decided to put on the new gear I got with my Sparks.

New outfit! Yay! Raptor Gear! Now I can stop looking like a weird dagger n' shield wielding mage thing! But anyway, after I equipped myself I headed to Bostaunieux Oubliette, took on a a Grounds Tome quest there, and started to hunt Funnel Bats; however, they were as hard as they were when I last tried to test out Bostaunieux Oubliette as a hunting spot. Curillia, my Tank Trust, ended up dying at least three times because another Funnel Bat would always link/join in right when we were about to kill one. Though after a while, along with a hefty stuggle to pull only one Funnel Bat at a time, I finally made it to Level 50! Yay!

Oh, and I helped someone with a Vampirism-like disease since I just so happened to have a vial of Beastman Blood on me.

I actually decided to check Isakoth if he had anymore THF-wearable gear, and he did! So I decided to purchase pieces of the Crow Jupon Set, which gave bonuses to Evasion and decreased Enmity.

Crow Jupon Set And I still DON'T look like a weird dagger n' shield mage Conquistador! Yay! This is the point when I decided to start using Equipment sets and setting them to Macros, in order to switch between them quickly; however, I'm starting to realize that it may be time to expand my inventory a bit. Actually, my plans as of now in FFXI are to do the following:

Do the Gobbiebag Quests to get more inventory slots. Finish the Ninja Job quest (I need to get to Norg for that. ;–;). Level the Ninja Job. Switch back to Thief, and get a pair of good daggers to dual-wield. Do the first Genkai Limit quest to raise the level cap to 55. ...Level to 55 obviously. Finally do Missions 5-1 & 5-2, and maybe start doing expansion missions.

Another thing I've been considering is starting to synthesis and sell stuff for gil and to raise those skills so that I could make myself some gear. I might either look into that before I finish the Ninja Job quest, or perhaps I'll get to that once I do all of the above. I'll see. But that's the end of this post! Thanks for reading! Until next time, farewell!