Return to Vana'diel

Originally published December 28th, 2017 Much time has past since the last time I journeyed into Vana'diel with the thief, Hatanu; however, upon my return to the distant world I had decided to start my journey anew, this time with a Galka monk by the name of Lost Wanderer.

Introducing Lost Wanderer

Hello! Say hello to everyone! Beginning once again in the Republic of Bastok, within the rocky wastes of Gustaberg, we tore through the monsters with knuckles and tensed up fists searching for zinc ore. We had decided to assist a young girl, Cornelia, in helping her injured friend, Parraggoh, a fellow Galka much like Lost Wanderer. Unfortunately, Parraggoh had hurt himself on a job for the Tenshodo, a smuggler organization, to deliver them zinc ore. Sadly he was one away from completing their request, and as a result, Tenshodo member Talib refused to pay him for an incomplete order. Lost Wanderer was to obtain the last piece of zinc ore, and bring it back to Talib, and thus we scoured Gustaberg through the day and deep into night, until we found what we came for.

Out in Gustaberg We trudge through Gustaberg, in search of strength and zinc ore!

Hunting Hunting out in Gustaberg

With the dawn rising behind our backs, we returned to Talib, delivering what he required and gave us the pay they promised Parraggoh: Detailed Logs about the Palborough Mines, a once valued area during the peak of Bastok's industrial revolution. We gave Parraggoh what he desired from the Tenshodo. With recieved gratitude and a request to pass on thanks to Cornelia, we were about to leave Parroggoh's house. Suddenly Parraggoh retracted the request, and instead asked us to tell Cornelia to keep away from the Galka, much like Lost Wanderer and himself, for her own sake. In our minds flashed a brief memory of Talib, reacting to our eagerness to assist Cornelia and Parraggoh, muttering under his breath, “I don't know why anyone would bother helping a Galka... but it's your life”. We returned a pained smile before heading back out to Bastok, and continuing upon our new journey.

We spent some gil on some holiday exclusive fire works.

At Home Lost Wanderer and his house Moogle, Mog.