Fame, the Tenshodo, and Preparation

Originally posted on July 15th, 2017 Greetings! It's been a few weeks in Earth time since I have last recounted tales of my journey through Vana'diel. Lately I've been attempting to fulfill a mission granted to me by the archduke of Jeuno to seize the Magicite from three beastman-controlled fortresses: Davoi, Beadeaux, and Castle Oztroja; however, first I had to meet with Aldo. The problem was that in order to meet with him, I need to gain membership into the Tenshodo. For that to occur, I needed to make my name known in Jeuno, before they'd consider me as a potential applicant. Luckily, I heard that a farmer by the name of Melyon in Selbina needed some feed for his farm. Thus I set out to make my myself known as a handy supplier of only the most premium feed: Boyahda Moss. This Moss can be found growing on the backs of Goobbues, and so I made my way toward to Pashhow Marshlands. When I arrived with my Trusts, Valaineral, Mihli Alipoh, and Ayame, we immediately began to track down the Goobbues and hunted them on sight.

Pashhow Marshlands Fighting broke out, and we trudged through the marshlands as we continued our search for more Goobbues to harvest the moss from, until we finally managed to get a hefty pile.

Goobbue Hunting We turned towards Selbina, and met with Melyon, who happily took all of our Boyahda Moss for about 7200 gil. Though the money was nice, our main aim was to attain some sort of a reputation back in Jeuno. Before long, the denizens of Jeuno became aware of my reliable services as an adventurer, and so I turned back to the Neptune's Spire Inn.

Neptune's Spire Inn I stood in front of the door for a few moments, took a breath and entered.

Ghebi Damomohe Once inside, I talked to the inn clerk and shopkeeper, Ghebi Damomohe, who told me of the Tenshodo, who are a band of smugglers. In order to join them, I had to head back to Bastok, and find a Galka by the name of Silver Owl in order to obtain a Tenshodo Application Form. Once that was taken care of, I returned to Ghebi, and in return for the form, I was finally granted membership into the ranks of the Tenshodo. Finally, I could continue with my mission. Once I was allowed into the headquarters, I navigated its rooms and hallways until I found Aldo's office. Inside, as expected, I found the man I needed. Found you, Aldo He gave me a Silver Bell which was somehow meant to allow me to venture deeper into Beadeaux. I wasn't sure what was so special about that particular bell, but I took it gratefully. Suddenly, a woman by the name of Verena came in and interrupted our conversation. Apparently she felt concerned about the beastmen who live and work in Jeuno being forced out. It seemed that she wanted to make peace with the beastmen, which was pretty ironic considering I was in the same room on a mission that'd most likely require me to fight beastmen. As much as I would've loved to not have to draw my dagger, I don't see these times allowing me such a luxury. So I left the room, and bumped into a Tenshodo Taru-Taru named Sattal-Mansal who told me that I would need a Coruscant rosary and a Black Matinee necklace in order to infiltrate the places I've been sent to. In return for those items, I had to find Sattal a Quadav Charm and a Quadav Augury Shell. Both of these were to be found in Beadeaux carried by Dev'yu Headhunter and Go'Bhu Gascon respectively for each item. Goodness me, the amount of names I have to bear in mind for this mission is astounding. I quickly jotted down my targets on the back of my Beadeaux map, and once again found myself traveling toward the Pashhow Marshlands. My party, after a long day of slowly marching through the marshes, finally made it to Beadeaux. Upon our arrival, our plight against the fortified Quadav, as well as our hunt for our two targets began. Fighting with Zircon Quadav The Quadav weren't particularly inclined to let us freely prance around killing their kind.

Before long, we found our first target.

Resting It fell, and so we rested a bit, before continuing on.

The second, Go'Bhu Gascon Then finally, after most of the day faded away, we located and hunted down the second target.

Warping back to Jeuno And so I warped back to Jeuno, carrying with me the Quadav Charm and Black Matinee Necklace!

After the task was completed, I received what I was promised. Additionally, I had already attained a Yagudo Torch, another item I would need for this mission. It was given to me by Verena's friend, Fickblix, before he decided to journey to Castle Oztroja by himself in an attempt to quell tensions between the beastmen and the citizens of Jeuno. His beastman brethren, Verena, and even I were rather concerned at his safety, especially if he were to be mistaken as an enemy beastman by a band of adventurers. But I can say, without a doubt, that this mission is starting to get rather interesting. TO BE CONTINUED...

Anyway, hello! It has been a while. I've been taking a bit of a break from FFXI in order to focus on my life, and because I was a bit burnt out of FFXI; however, my passion for FFXI has been rekindled for multiple reasons. First of all, I managed to get enough reputation in Jeuno to be able to continue the main story, so that's promising. Second, I adjusted how my UI looks and installed some addons and plugins via Windower in order to add some functionality to my current UI. Additionally I managed to get mods for some of the fonts and status icons to make them a tad bit more readable. In short, I think I'm at a point where I am happy with how the game looks and feels UI-wise, and I'm happy that I'm finally making progress in the main story of FFXI again.

FFXI Viewer and new UI theme Made some personal UI adjustments~ :D

I'll hopefully continue very soon, but for now I ought to rest after a long day of adventuring. To anyone who is reading this, thank you and I hope you have a wonderful evening (or whatever time it is you're reading this).

Cozy Fireplace in my Bastok Moghouse Toasty! :)

Until next time, farewell!