2AM Thoughts

Brains, I love and hate them. When random bits of music or snippets of your past can just place you back in time so clearly... where you can see and feel how everything was for you, so strongly... it makes one smile but also so sad.

I remember a time when I'd love browsing through the App Store on an iPod Touch and download a bunch of free games, demos, and online games. Walking around playing music through the crappy white Apple earphones/pods, that would give out after a couple of months.

I remember coming to and from music lessons, before which I should have practiced more. I also remember leaving my iPod touch in the car. When we came back, it wasn't there. Turns out, it had fallen under the car wheel as I'd got out. I'd found it missing only after we'd driven over it as we'd reversed. Screen was cracked into powder and smithereens. My mom was certainly not happy when we'd found it in the shape it was.

I'd listen to music from game soundtracks, ones I'd scoured the internet for and downloaded. With them, I'd go on my own adventures. How often I'd wished that I wouldn't be the only one. I suppose that's why playing pretend was my favorite recess and playground activity, one I'd drag other kids into.

In a way, that's why I enjoy online games, roleplaying games, and now tabletop games. How I hope to enjoy life like so again, perhaps I'm relearning now after years of constant schooling and entering the job market.

There's so much information slowly fading away, only remaining in the memories of few and filed away in old digital archives in the corner of the web. That's why it's best to at least create new records of whatever memories and thoughts that emerge, before they, too, fade and be forgot.